Our company was established in 1990s,which is specializing in Induction melting furnace. our companys predecessor is Wanfeng Industrial Furnace Factory in Jianxi District of Luoyang City. After 20 years of development, Our company becomes integrated enterprise that can produce various types and specifications of intermediate frequency smelting furnace, high frequency smelting furnace, industrial heat treatment furnace. We always take the best Quality to meet customer satisfaction as the aim of our company. we establish high standard unloaded test room, which can test each parameter of products and voltage resistance and thermal stability of component adopted by our factory. we also build up an excellent technical service team to ensure that the customers can understand our products operation as well. Before Customer build factory, we can provide assistance of Site Planning. After delivery ,we provide high quality after-sale service, which send our technicians for installation, debuggin …�?/p>


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