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Misunderstanding about choosing metal induction melting furnace

Author:admin      Time:2018-12-05 16:14

Wrong point 1: only check output, not check input
It’s easy to happen than man only consider of output of metal induction melting furnace. Man thought output is enough to heat or melt metal or not and totally ignore power factor or consumption. It’s too late to find out that equipment is electricity-eating tiger after using. It’s pretty awkward that you can afford to buy it but not to use it. For example: as same 80-type equipment, but one is 80 KVA by input, other one is 80 KW by output. Although different specifics with same numeral 80, but both equipment can complete heating or melting. Biggest problem comes from power consumption. Input of equipment with output 80 KW reaches so high up to 120KWA.

Wrong point 2: only check type, not check power
It’s easier to treat single phrase input 120A~I as input power 120 KVA by electric induction melting furnace, because they all called 120 Type induction furnace. Man thought taking great advantage of buying. Actually man bought lower input power induction furnace.

Wrong point 3: only check power, not check frequency
By heating standard parts or fastening piece, when diameter of those work piece is bigger than φ 60 mm, man must use medium frequency induction heating furnace. If using high frequency to heat it, surface of work piece will be molten but inside of work piece is still black heart. Namely we called “ unable to heat thoroughly ”.

Whatever how many dollars you paid, key point is working as you desired. So please kindly note your supplier clearly what’s effect you need for using your electric induction melting furnace or induction heating furnace. And you should compare price under same specifications of melting or heating equipment.