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The advantages of intermediate frequency heating

Author:admin      Time:2018-12-05 16:09
1. Quick heating, less oxidation and decarbonization
Since the principle of induction heating of the intermediate frequency furnace is electromagnetic induction, the heat is generated by the work piece itself, so the heating up is faster, less oxidation, higher  efficiency, good process repeatability, only a slight discoloration of the metal surface, the surface is restored to bright luster only by slight polishing to achieve consistent material properties effectively.
2. High degree of automation, it can achieve automatic operation, improve labor productivity.
3. Uniform heating, high-accuracy temperature control.
Uniform heating to ensure a small temperature difference between the core and surface of the work piece. The temperature can be accurately controlled by the temperature control system to ensure product accuracy repeatedly.
4. Easy replacement of induction furnace
Different sizes of induction furnace bodies is configured according to the dimensions of the work piece. Each furnace body has water and electricity quick-change connector, which makes the replacement of the furnace simple, fast and convenient.
5. Complete equipment protection
The whole machine is equipped with water temperature, water pressure, lack of phase, over-voltage, over-current, voltage/current limiting,  over-current starting, constant current and buffer starting, which makes the equipment smooth start up, reliable and rapid protection, and stable operation.
6. Low energy consumption, no pollution
The heating efficiency is high, compared with other heating methods, the energy consumption is effectively reduced. The labor productivity is high, no pollution. The equipment meets the environmental protection requirements.