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Difference of Induction melting Furnace Between Melting Iron and Melting Aluminium

Author:http://www.wanf-furn      Time:2018-12-01 09:49

Along with good development of foundry, more and more people, who wants to do something, began to consider to invest in foundry plant, such like iron sand cast, aluminium ingot cast, steel rebar cast, copper rod cast etc.. First step of every cast process is melting. When man purchase melting furnace, man found so big price difference of melting iron and melting aluminium and cannot accept this disparity. So this article will help you to know about what’s happen to iron melting furnace and aluminium melting furnace.

Usually in order to rapid melting, what we recommend only induction melting furnace. Induction melting theory is melting metal by self heating. Namely magnetic line make metal severe oscillating and this oscillation makes metal self heating. When temperature of self heating reaches at melting point, metal will be molten as man needs. Man can control melting speed and temperature by adjusting power knob on inverter power cabinet. Iron melting point is about 1535 degree and aluminium is about 660 degree (only refer. Value).

Price difference comes from huge difference of density. Iron density is 7.86 g/cm³and aluminium density is 2.702 g/cm³. That means if there is 1 kilogram iron and 1 kilogram aluminium, man will see volume of aluminium is much bigger than iron. So man order 1 ton melting capacity induction furnace and volume of iron melting furnace is much smaller than aluminium melting furnace. Because of same reason, man use 1 ton induction iron melting furnace to melt aluminium, what man got weight of molten aluminium liquid is much less than iron liquid. So for same melting capacity,  induction aluminium melting furnace price is higher than iron melting furnace.