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Precautions during the use of intermediate frequency furnace

Author:http://www.wanf-furn      Time:2018-11-24 15:54
(1) Observe the temperature, pressure and flow of circulating cooling water inside and outside at any time.
(2) Observe the indicator on the IF power cabinet at any time, adjust the output of the IF power in time.
(3) If the protection indication suddenly appears during normal operation, first turn the power adjustment knob to the minimum position and immediately press the “Inverter Stop” button.
(4) If there is an emergency or abnormal situation, immediately press the “Inverter Stop” button to stop.
(5) Lower down the power when adding and slag. When the iron is discharged from the furnace, place the frequency power in the “Inverter Stop” position.
(6) When the material and the furnace is cold, it should start to be powered by low power for about 10 minutes, then gradually increase the power to 20% to 30% of the rated power for about 15 minutes, and finally adjust the power to the rated output value.
(7) When the lining is hot and material is cold, the material can only be filled at 50% of the height of the crucible. When the current is reduced until the voltage can be raised to the rated value, the feeding is continued.
(8) During the production process, it is not allowed to overfill or even exceed the furnace mouth.
(9) The size of intermediate furnace cast iron block should be considered according to the power frequency.
(10) Observe the melting condition in the furnace, Feeding should be done in time before the furnace material has completely melted.