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Advantages and structure of medium frequency induction melting furnace

Author:admin      Time:2018-10-05 15:47
Medium frequency induction melting furnace refers to the working frequency in the 150-10000Hz range of induction furnace. It has the advantages of fast melting, high production efficiency, strong adaptability, flexible use, good electromagnetic stirring effect, and easy starting operation.
I. The structure of medium frequency induction furnace
The induction melting furnace is made of an induction ring by a single coil of copper tube, while a crucible is used to hold the molten metal in the water-cooled induction circle. Induction furnaces are usually made up of four parts: power supply, furnace body (mainly induction ring and crucible), capacitor bank ( used to improve power factor), control and operating system.
II. The advantages of medium frequency induction furnace
1. Do not need residual molten liquid and large melt block, and can be melted at any time, reducing power consumption
2. All or part of the molten liquid can be dumped every time, so the operation flexibility is greater
3. The power adjustment is convenient, which can adapt to the different requirements of power in melting, heat preservation, and drying oven.
4. Three-phase balance of the input end of the work frequency is not required to set up LC three-phase balancing device as the working frequency furnace.
5. Under the same capacity, the input power of the medium frequency furnace is higher, which can be 2 to 3 times of the working frequency furnace, thus greatly improving the furnace melting rate, and reducing the power consumption.
6. The working frequency follows the change of the resonant frequency of the load circuit, and automatically maintains the high power factor of the load circuit, which does not need to be adjusted by increasing or reducing the load capacitance like the working frequency furnace.