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Daily maintenance of medium frequency induction furnace

Author:admin      Time:2018-09-15 16:17
1. Visually inspect the furnace body and the power supply circulating water (inside and outside) whether leakage, water pressure and water temperature is normal or not. If something wrong, need to immediately correct.
2. Visually inspect the furnace body and outside the power supply circulating water pipe has any sign of condensation. If yes, dry with a blower.
3. Visually inspect the integrity of the cables between the external power supply and the power supply cabinet.
4. Visually inspect the copper row leading to the furnace for signs of serious discoloration (especially at the junction). If yes, notify maintenance staff for handling.
5. Visually inspect the cleanliness at the outlet of the furnace, do not let the slag and molten iron contact the water-cooled cable and the circulating water pipe, avoid burns the cable and the water pipe, occurrence safety accident.
6. Visually inspect the overall cleanliness of the hydraulic connection, such as oil spills and dust.
7. Visual inspection of liquid level changes in hydraulic stations, if less than calibration, should be supplemented.
8. Visually inspect the erosion of the lining, such as the lining erosion is serious, should be repaired in time or rebuild the furnace.
9. Use the hand to touch the electric shell of the water pump group to see whether is too hot (normal is to have a slight hot but not hot). If too hot, should start the backup pump and inform the maintenance personnel to repair the pump.