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operation and maintenance work of induction melting furnace.

Author:admin      Time:2018-09-06 16:14
operation and maintenance work of induction melting furnace.
Safe operation procedure of medium frequency furnace.
1  Before starting, check the cooling water, lubrication and ground condition. It can be started after the confirmation of everything normal.
2  The cooling water pressure shall not be lower than the specified value. After 15 minutes of downtime, the water can be stopped.
3  It is forbidden to start continuously in hot state and prohibit overloaded operation.
4  In the event of a water stoppage or abnormalities such as overheating of bar materials, it should stop immediately.
5  During the operation, the current and voltage must be matched in accordance with the regulations, and the power-on personnel shall not leave.
6  Check the furnace in each shift. When find something abnormal, the furnace should be shut down immediately. Every shift should check whether there is any accumulation water or debris in the wire trench which need be handled in time. 
Monthly maintenance work of induction melting furnace.
1. Remove any slag and metal chips accumulated inside and outside the steel shell.
2. Check the coil for signs of overheating or discoloration. If yes, notify maintenance staff for handling.
3. Check all water connectors for leaks. If yes, it should be repaired.
4. Check all hydraulic ejector rods for loose joints. If yes, tighten it.
5. Check whether the joints of all hoses and leads are loose. If yes, tighten it.
6. Check and fasten the bolts of the magnetic yoke.
7. Check whether all cables and busbar connections are loose, or whether there are signs of overheating or discoloration, especially the connector of circuit breaker. Notify maintenance personnel for handling if necessary.
8. Check whether the connection of all control wires is loose. If it is loose, it should be fastened.
9. Check the cable of the electric furnace. See if they can move freely without excessive friction or wear.
10. Maintenance personnel shall conduct routine inspection at least per month.