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Problems needing attention in using medium frequency induction furnace

Author:admin      Time:2018-10-22 11:05
In order to prolong the life of intermediate frequency furnace and ensure its operation efficiency, we need to pay attention to a lot of matters when operating it. First of all, when we are lining this step, we need to do acid or alkaline ablation depending on the nature of the material. In the lining process, we want to make the material condensed into a solid object, so that it has a good impact.

Sintering should follow the low power consumption slow air furnace heating method, more than 36 hours of continuous baking, full solidification. The lining knot, intermediate frequency electric furnace, is an important condition for ensuring safety and quality of life. After an outstanding knotted lining, how accurate and reasonable intermediate frequency furnace operation is to extend service life and ensure life safety. Normally, before the operation of an intermediate frequency furnace, the operator should check the condition of the water, cooling water pressure and hydraulic system of the furnace.

Be careful not to fumble, to operate, to care about, and to prevent people from entering the room without fixed work, in order to avoid electric shock. In the melting process, when the melting time of the melting furnace has reached, the melting liquid should be poured out to avoid high temperature lining loss; on the ground observation, when the furnace is found out the appearance of red hair, this is an early warning of furnace leakage, should be closed in time to adopt intermediate frequency power, pour into the melting furnace and other methods to avoid leakage incidents. . In use, when it is found that the inner membrane is thin and can not be used continuously, the cold cloth should be replaced with new cloth to avoid leakage. In addition, because the intermediate frequency furnace in high temperature, high voltage operation, high current, the room should be kept clean, power cabinet, induction coil contact copper dust, reduce defects, avoid insulation. The flow of cooling water is regularly checked to see if the water pressure is normal. The fastening nuts are regularly fixed on each part of the bolt to avoid contact with the burned parts.

Regular pump motor cooling system, hydraulic motor repair, cleaning hydraulic oil to ensure normal water and fuel supply. Normal equipment extra voltage and current efficiency, avoid circuit fault maintenance. Timing, accuracy and meticulous maintenance are important guarantees to extend the service life of medium frequency furnace to ensure safety.