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how to choose intermediate frequency furnace

Author:admin      Time:2017-06-14 14:20
                                                                                              How to choose intermediate frequency furnace?
When the user purchase intermediate frequency furnace,he is needed to supply his requirements to the manufacture as minute as possible.So that the manufacture can select type and do a plan more pertinence.Which parameters are needed in that way?
One:these parameters are usually needed to provide.1)melt texture or temperature;2)tonnages of furnace i.e. capacity ;3) aluminum shell furnace or steel shell furnace;4)primary voltage;5)time or output of every furnace;6)casting method and so on.
Two:these parameters are usually needed to provide with regard  to intermediate frequency heat conduction furnace.1)size of workpiece;2)weight of workpiece;3)heat temperature;4)heat beat;5)texture of workpiece.Aiming at above-mentioned demands,the manufacture can calculate the power of intermediate frequency furnace and offer detailed scheme and quotation.