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Closed cooling tower

Author:admin      Time:2016-06-14 17:14
The closed circuit cooling tower advantage
1.VS.Cooling Tower +Heat Exanger Combination Closer approach to wet bulb temperature and reduce fouling improve process efficiency
2.VS.Air-Cooled Systems 10-20°C lower process temperatures ,less required space ,and lower energy consumption .
3.VS.Once –Through Systems Reduces environmental impact ,saving up to 95% of the cooling water .
4.Reduced installed Cost And Space Requirements Effectively combines the function of a cooling tower and heat exchanger into one piece of equipment ,reduce required piping and system complexity .

Application in engineering
1.Water-source heat pumps
2.Self-contained cooling units
4.Free cooling applications
5.Date centers
6.Hybrid evaporative/dry cooling
7.Cooling special fluids
8.Compressor jacket cooling Inter cooling,Aftercooling
9.Machine jacket cooling
10.Induction furnaces
11.Consolidating multiple loads into a single cooling nit